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​What is "vintage rental" anyway?  We are a unique service that provides your event with a "vintage" look.  Some call it shabby-chic, rustic elegance, heirloom country, eclectic, or old-fashioned.  We call it a beautiful union of old and new - of fancy and functional. 


 The nostalgic  sense of vintage decor lends ambiance and conversation to the most formal of gatherings.  With the rental of our vintage chinaware, we guess you'll hear, "My Grandma had this china pattern!"   ​It's a unique aesthetic and a great alternative to disposable goods.   

​Many experienced participants of a large event appreciate our delivery and retrieval service.  Let us help you by delivering your rental goods one day before your event, and picking them up the day after.  Sleep-in a bit later on Sunday morning. 

We continue to add items to our inventory.  If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know and we'll help you look!  Feel free to contact us with questions or to make an appointment. 



- Clint & Megen Kabele, Owners


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