Vintage China


Mix and Match our  three sizes - dinner plate, salad plate, and dessert/cake plate. Our stock allows mismatched consistency throughout.  Ask about our china serving dishes, bowls, and tea cups.   Gold and silver chargers available in limited number.


Item:                                         Quantity Available                          Rate/Item


Dinner Plates                         500                                              $1.00


Salad Plates                           500                                             $0.75


Dessert/Cake Plates             500                                            $0.50


Soup/Dessert Bowls              100                                            $0.50


Serving Bowls, Platters          12+                                            $3 - $8


Tea Cups / Saucers                 200+                                           $1.50


Tarnished Silverware Set       200+                                           $2.40

(Knife, Dinner/Salad Fork, Spoon)


What if...


-  A plate is damaged or broken?  Accidents happen, we know.  Just ask our kids.  Simply return the damaged plate in packing box and make a note for us.  Replacement value is roughly five times the rental rate.


-  We are unable to return clean dishes?  Some venues are challenging to handwash dishes.  Simply scrape food, rinse if possible, and return in packing box.  An hourly service fee of $25/hour will be charged for cleaning or repairing rental items, with a minimum of $25/order.    

Resource Vintage Rental


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