These little beauties are a real work horse.  Flower vases, tealight holders, centerpieces...hung from trees or anchored on your table.  Let your imagination fly free! 

Item                                                 Quantity         Rate/Item

1/2 Gallon Aqua Blue Jar           15                 $4

Quart Aqua Blue Jar                   38                  $2

Pint Aqua Blue Jar                       12                  $1

Quart Clear Flip-lid Jar               12                  $4

Pint Clear Flip-lid Jar                     4                  $2

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Resource Vintage Rental is a boutique event rental company based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. We offer inspired event rental and custom props with popular delivery and retrieval services. We frequently work in Rochester, MN, Northeast Iowa, and surrounding tri-state communities.  

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